2015 Results

Children (under 12 on 31st August)
FIRST: team 3 ‘Ping’ in 4m 31.21s
SECOND: team 7 ‘BBs’ in 4m 40.70s
THIRD: team 15 ‘Queen’s Jesters’ in 5m 15.21s

Two further teams of children ran for fun, but are not included in the official results as they were over age. These were:
Team 5 ‘We Win’ in 3m 40.41s
Team 8 ‘QEs’ in 4m 34.07s

Juniors (under 18 on 31st August)
SINGLE ENTRANT / WINNER: Team 2 Army Cadet Force in 4m 49.07s

FIRST: team 1 ‘Queen’s Jugglers’ in 3m 22.05s – World Champions 2015!
SECOND: team 14 ‘Wye Valley Wenches’ in 3m 40.08s
THIRD: team 6 ‘The Party Pockets’ in 3m 59.42s

FIRST: team 13 ‘Teme Valley Brewery’ in 3m 10.66s* – World Champions 2015!
SECOND: team 4 ‘Fire Label’ in 3m 15.15s
THIRD: team 11 ‘Butty Bach Boys’ in 3m 21.04s
FOURTH: team 9 ‘Pist ‘N’ Broke’ in 3m 27.83s
FIFTH: team 12 ‘Jeremy Goss’s Boot Boysd’ in 3m 55.38s

As fastest team representing a brewery, Teme Valley Brewery are also winners of the Brewers’ Gauntlet trophy.