Have your say….

Don’t leave the festival all up to the organising committee.  This is a community event to benefit Bromyard and Herefordshire;    Maybe you can offer help, or make a contribution in time – we certainly need more help on the day, or perhaps you have some ideas on commercial sponsorship?   Don’t hesitate to get in touch, to offer an idea or suggestion, or to point us towards some form of finance.
CONTACT: ChairmanRay Whittaker: 07891 124620
Jamie Jacobsen:  jamie@bromyardhopfestival.co.uk
Jane Merry:   janermerry@gmail.com

We’ve received many comments about  Bromyard Hop Festival, and we are flattered that almost all are entirely complimentary.  We have also had some constructive criticism which we feed into our annual review.
We have to be cautious.  Our ‘bottom line’ comes at the top of our list of priorities.  The Festival is, thanks to the generosity of Bromyard businesses and Bromyard Town Council, entirely self-funded with almost every aspect of the event free of charge to the public; we have to find enough money to do it regularly.

So – get in touch (see above) and have your say!

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